Only those with ears to hear

Photo by Monika Kozub

If you’re a teacher of any sort, it can be frustrating that not everyone gets everything you’re teaching in exactly the way you intend it to land.

People don’t hear things they’re not ready to hear.

If the change you’re seeking to make hasn’t already happened inside of them — if even in some small way — they’ll be like teflon to your idea.

So why do it? Why do the hard work and undergo the vulnerable act of teaching and sharing if you’re only getting across to people who are already on the way towards where you want them to go? Won’t they get there anyway?

Because they need you to say it...

All they have now is a whisper on the inside. They need a proclamation that comes from outside of them to complete the loop and make the change they seek to make (and sooner than later is better, so you may as well teach them now).

Be the needed voice to those whose ears are ready to hear it.

Everyone else will have to wait.

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