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I love pouring my heart and soul into Higher Thoughts. I’m an independent writer. I have no editorial staff and I don’t sell ads. It takes a lot of time and love every month to sustain. Keeping it a clean, valuable, ad-free reading experience — which is important to me and, I hope, to you — means it’s subsidized by the generous support of readers like yourself.

So, if you find any joy in it, please consider a modest donation.

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If you’re still reading, I’ll take this as a good sign. For somewhere in the neighborhood between the price of a taco and a nice dinner a month, you can become a Supporting Member. You’ll be joining the loyal readers who make Higher Thoughts possible with an automatic monthly donation of $5 or more here:


Q: So, can I give more than the base $5 a month?
A: Absolutely! I’ll still love you if you don’t, but the more you give, the more likely I’ll be to provide even more/better content. So, thank you.

Q: What if I suddenly decide I hate you and want to cancel my membership?
A: I promise I won’t get emotionally attached. Any time you’d like to leave, just go. Fine. Go ahead. (Sorry — I’m getting emotional now.) But yes. You can cancel anytime. A couple details, though…

There are no refunds for monthly memberships already charged. And there is no partial or pro-rated refunding, so your membership will automatically expire at the end of the billing cycle.

Q: Will you be doing any special events or meet ups for supporters in the future?
A: Yes! I hope to. When in various cities for various things, I’d like to shoot emails to supporters in that area and have a little meet up. So yes, this is definitely something I’d like to do.

Q: What will the money be used for?
A: Well, tacos, for one. But also bills for the Higher Thoughts office (my garage), and anything else that can lighten my load in other areas so I can focus on making awesome, soulful, impactful things for people like you.

In closing, thank you. Even if you don’t become a member, I’m still indebted to you for making this publication the success it’s become. Here’s to you and your fulfillment and growth into every tomorrow to come.

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