God’s plan

Photo by William Bout

This one, I’m iffy on. But I’m going to wrestle my way through it here (should be fun to watch)…

I think the general consensus of the whole ‘God’s plan’ thing, at least in the cases which most people use it, is misguided — even hurtful. When people start referring to ‘God’s plan’, I cringe almost every time.

Usually, this kind of rhetoric comes up when someone is sitting with a friend or loved one who is dealing with grief or loss. It’s the classic spiritual bypass mechanism...

Well, it was just God’s plan…

But let me ask you — how often has this response actually made you feel better about the situation? (Right, same here.)

Now, if a plan from God makes you feel better, please keep it. Seriously. Who am I to say it’s not ‘true’ or ‘real’ or whatever? No human can stake a claim on this, so please beware of those who try.

I just think we should refrain from using it as a spiritual coping mechanism with others. I know, it hurts sitting with someone in these moments. We want to make it okay.

But some things are just horrible. Our role is not to try to make them okay. Our role is to be present.

We need to provide more space to sit in the not-okayness of life.

Even with myself — when I suffer loss or grief (which I’ve suffered plenty), I’m not sure if it helps me to think that it was a part of God’s plan. Sometimes it does. But other times, I’m kinda like — hey, God, that was messed up.

It turns into a blame game with the divine, which is like throwing punches at the night sky — a fruitless endeavor if there ever was one (albeit sometimes cathartic).

That being said, there’s a certain area of life that I think this whole ‘God’s plan’ thing comes in handy. And that is during times of transition. Like when a new pathway opens up in life that tugs at your soul and calls you forward, but your rational mind is having a hard time seeing a successful end result (even that next step is foggy, at best).

This is where I find this useful. Because if God does have a plan, and this is part of it, then I’m thankful it’s not up to me. It’s called ‘God’s plan’ and not ‘my plan’ for a reason.

God’s plan is none of my business and I should stop trying to butt-in. I should merely do my part of taking that next shaky step.

The mantra goes something like this…

I’m thankful that God has a plan so that I don’t have to have it all figured out before I take my next step.

In moments like these, all we can do is what’s in front of us while knowing there’s so much more that lies outside of our control.

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