God won’t protect you

Photo by Jordan Warne

The Jesus story was never about the divine getting anyone out of jail free. If the divine played that way, I like to think that the ending would’ve been different.

A lot of people who’ve tossed out faith have done so on the account that they and those they inhabit this earth with experience so much pain and suffering.

I’ve been there. I went SBNR because of it (I could never go full-on atheist).

How can a loving God let my mom die at age 47?

How can a loving God allow so much violence and poverty in this city?

How can a loving God allow my dad to die six months before his one and only grandchild was born?

This list, as you well know, is an infinite one.

Here’s a word from ex-Trappist monk, James Finley…

As we learn to trust in this paradoxical way God sustains us in our suffering, we are learning to sink the taproot of our heart in God, who protects us from nothing even as God so unexplainably sustains us in all things.

Here’s a mantra to sit with…

God protects us from nothing but sustains us through everything — even death.

(You can swap in the word ‘Love’ for the word ‘God’ there if you’d like.)

This concept, right here, is changing everything about the way I see the divine.

Not protecting me from life and all it holds… But loving me through it.