It’s been a little while…

The last time I sent one of these email ‘letters’ to Cricket Hill (previously known as Higher Thoughts) followers such as yourself was way back in March! Now, maybe you’re on my personal email list and you’re used to (sick of? — hopefully not) getting emails from me. But if not, being here in your inbox is a privilege I take seriously.

Okay, first thing’s first —

Why you’ll want to jump on my personal email list…

Let me start this by saying that I love Medium. I owe so much of my creative life to this platform. That being said, Medium has been making some profit-driven shifts lately that have me a liiittle uneasy.

I mean, it makes sense. They’re a venture-backed business and they need to turn a profit eventually and I hope they do/are. I LOVE that they aren’t doing the advertisement model, but their algorithms seem to be favoring ‘Partner Program’ posts from bigger, more mainstream names and authors who are coming into the platform.

Now, I’m a fan, paid supporter, and writer in the Partner Program. (Thanks to all of you who pay the $5/month to support it as well — it really does help us writers.) It’s just that they seem to be edging the indy writer out a bit.

Who knows where this will lead. I hope Medium does the right thing and I’ll stick here as long as I can.

I’ll just say that, if you enjoy my work, I highly recommend getting on my personal email list.

There may come a day (though, perhaps not) where I take more of my work to a different place, and my email subscribers will be the first to know about it.

Plus, you’ll get my posts right there in your inbox rather than having to jump on Medium every day to find them (you’ll also get a ‘friend link’ to read my Partner Program posts on Medium even if you don’t pony up the $5/month for it). Which is nice…

Here’s why I love email…

Email is the only place where people (not algorithms) are in control. It wouldn’t be a good business move for your email provider to manipulate your inbox to only show you the emails from people who pay big bucks to be there.

Nope. In your inbox, you get what you want (except for when Gmail marks things as promotions that actually aren’t, but that’s for another conversation).

So, please, if you like my work…

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Thanks so much for being on the other end of this here newsletter. I hope you continue to enjoy my work and I’ll see you around the internet soon.

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