Higher Thoughts March review and book recommendations

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Personal Note

Spring has arrived. I mean, maybe it’s arrived where you live. Here in Chicago, however, it’s still winter. Looking forward to feeling that sun again, no doubt.

This publication is almost three years old (!). It’s at well over a thousand posts. Thank you for not letting me write in an echo chamber. Although I can’t possibly respond to all responses and emails as I once did, I read every single one. I want to make this thing better and better as I go forward and can’t do that without you. So…

I’d love your honest words about what you’ve gleaned from my musings and where you’d like to see this publication go in the future (if anywhere). So just reply back to this email (or leave a response if you’re reading this message on Medium) and let me know.

Other than that, I hope you’re well. Thanks for reading this. I’ve included some helpful things you may have missed from March as well as my usual reading recommendations below.

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As Ever,

Top Posts From March

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1. On Trusting Love

Things I’m Reading Now

A couple years ago, my cousin-in-law (is that a thing?) told me about a guy he was studying under at the University of Nevada, Reno named Steven Hayes who had created a type of therapy called ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training). He told me he thought it was right up my alley as far as what I write about. So I checked it out. Bought a book from Hayes called Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life (which I’ll recommend below). Started to read it. Got a few chapters in. Loved it. But then I got swamped with my studies and clients and… Kinda shelved it.

Recently, I was having coffee with my good friend and fellow Mediumer, Hassan. He showed me a book he’d been reading called The Happiness Trap (which I’ll also recommend below) that was about ACT. It looked interesting, but I kinda shrugged it off. A couple weeks later, a client showed me the same book (thanks, Leann— btw, you should totally follow her Instagram account here if you enjoy geeking out on books).

Essentially, ACT has been following me around for a few years trying to get my attention. So, I’m digging in a bit. And I love it. Not just on a personal level, but on a creative level. It’s great stuff. I’m reading The Happiness Trap as my entry-level ACT manual and will be sharing any insights that stand out as I go along. Here ya go in case you’d like to join me…

The Happiness Trap
by Russ Harris

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life
by Steven Hayes