Your past self you will thank you for letting it go

It really will. Because it serves your future vision. And it knows that it will only hold you back from it.

Your past story/self/identity was never meant to be held on to. It was meant to be the temporary container for your experience. And then shedded like a sweaty capilene baselayer.

The life that’s waiting for you — the work you want to do, the next verse in the hymn that is you — can’t live in the same space as your past one.

But it’s so nostalgic back there. There were a lot of lovely people and pain and victories and selfies and…

Stop. Yes, it’s true. The nostalgia of your past self — as hard of a time as it may have had — is alluring. But you must release it.

You must… Drop it (like it’s hot).

Good news: When you do, all you’ll be doing is releasing the extraneous baggage. It’s impossible to release what’s real. And that stuff was never real. The toxicity of it, the suffering, the limitations — all of it was dreamed up by the ego.

What’s eternal will live on. What’s real about you — the fingerprint of your soul — can never be released.

So, go for it. You’ll be fine and you won’t be losing anything of true value. Release away. Breathe that first breath from the you of right now. The one without the weight of the past on its shoulders.

Feels divine, doesn’t it?