The human yearning for surrender

“A person stretching out their arm and hand in the forest in Julington Durbin Creek Preserve” by Natalie Collins on Unsplash

Have you ever had the chance to just… float?

Maybe it’s been in a literal sense out in the middle of a lake lying down on a paddleboard with absolutely nothing on your mind besides the fleeting moment.

Or maybe it’s been more of a figurative thing where you’ve experienced a floating sensation during meditation, prayer, sex, art, etc.

Isn’t it… Amazing?

There’s something enlivening about surrendering our human control and letting the forces of nature hold us up. No straining. No struggling. Just floating.

As Brian Eno said here

In our culture, most of the encouragement is to take control. What we like doing — that’s the reason we enjoy sex, drugs, art, and religion — what we like doing is surrendering. They’re ways of losing yourself.

I see it all the time in several of my chosen fields of interest…

In entrepreneurship, it’s all about taking control and making sh*t happen. Hustling. #JFDI.

In modern spirituality, it’s all about hitting perfect Yoga poses, meditating like David Lynch, or summoning the Law of Attraction and proclaiming to the universe what you want so it brings it to you.

In creativity/writing, it’s all about how Stephen King or Anne Lamott or Steven Pressfield ‘does it’.

It’s all about doing, perfecting, and getting it right/better.

Our human egoic control-freakishness has gotten out of hand. Especially since we now have the cultural notion that we can fully manipulate our individual worlds via our smartphones.

In the modern world, we have this inner conflict going on where the ego is sprinting towards more control, but the soul is yearning for more surrender.

This is why people are sprinting en masse to South America so they can trip out on ayahuasca. Not judging here, and this is nothing new, but is this not a thing?

Can you feel it in humanity right now?

Reversing the course of this cultural river is going to take time, patience, and care. But I ask you, right now, just to notice it.

Where are you white-knuckling your life, work, and art? What are the areas of your experience that you find yourself banging your head against a wall?

Know that you have every ability to surrender into the bliss of this very moment, right where you are.

No ayahuasca required.

(Special thanks to Alice Karolina Smith for the Brian Eno video 🙏 )