Utter poppycock

Photo by Fleur Treurniet on Unsplash

Whenever you hear a voice inside your head that’s harsh and chides you like your dad used to do (sorry, I’m projecting here), please know it’s utter poppycock.

(Because ‘poppycock’ is an awesome word.)

That’s the ego speaking. And when we’re faced with making creative decisions, the ego gets all riled up really easily. It hates different. But the definition of creativity contains different. Without different, creativity isn’t.

Mere sameness might be comfy, but that’s about it.

Although this bullying voice might lead to short-term gains, it only leads to long-term suffering. Even if the ‘suffering’ brings ‘results’, you don’t know what could have happened had you gone the other way.

I’m going to ask you to get in hippy-mode for a minute. Yes, you’re a finely-tuned business person, I know that (or not). But play for a minute…

When you hear that voice, put your hand on your chest. Rub your heart. Warm it up. And hear the other voice.

This voice only speaks to you from a place of love. Now, sometimes that love is swift and bold and requires decisive action. But it always calls you forward like that friend you had when you were a kid who was a little older and bigger and stronger who you looked up to and who really liked you, stood up for you, and saw your potential…

So shrug off that demeaning voice and follow the kind, encouraging voice towards your next steps. The one that speaks through a mischievous smile rather than a scowl.

It’s in there. You just have to open that inner ear and hear it.

Okay, enough hippy talk. On with your day.

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