Meddle not in the results

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

What if you could take your eye off of the results — just for a little while? What would that be like?

Think of how many results we yearn for in countless areas of life...

We want the project to go like this.

We want our partner to do that more often.

We want our dog to hurry up and poop so we can go back home and warm up.

We want more hearts on Instagram.

We want our kid to stop being such a kid and be more like those boring adults at the dinner party we couldn’t stand being around.

We want our finances to do this.

We want our exes to think this about us.

We want.
We want.
We want.

Yet, after decades of experience in doing this, how often does our wanting actually result in the thing we want so frantically for.

The only consistent result in meddling with results are frayed nerves, anxiety, and poor health caused from stress.


Here’s some wisdom of the ages I’ve picked up along my journey that’s helped me.

Our job isn’t to meddle in the results of life. Our proper role is to be love, to be wisdom, to be enthusiasm, and let the results take care of themselves.

This brings to mind a Japanese concept that I learned back in my Aikido training days called kimochi (key-mow-chee). Now, apparently this has an x-rated meaning as well, so beware if you go Googling this term, but what it meant in the dojo was filling your body with ki (positive life energy, prana, etc.) throughout the movement. So, not so much focusing on the end point of a ‘successful’ joint lock or throw, but instead focusing on being fully alive, animated, and aware throughout the technique.

By divorcing ourselves — even a little — from results, we claim our proper role as engaging with the cause of life, not the effects.

So, make your art. Write the words — one spectacular sentence at a time. Call the client. Say the difficult thing. Buy the flowers. Be present. Give forth your love, your light, your ridiculous sense of humor that only a few understand…

And let the chips fall where they may.

Although the results may be nothing like what you imagined, I promise, they’ll astound you.