Dive in, heart first

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

We’re extremely head-driven people out west.

When it comes to creative problems, we sit and try to predict, forecast, analyze, and make projections before doing the thing.

Now, if the variables are totally fixed and we’re working off of a proven blueprint from the past, this kind of mental forecasting might work. (But that wouldn’t be a creative undertaking, would it?)

However, when we’re talking about creative matters of the heart (you know, the important stuff that usually brings us the most stress), it doesn’t. But there we find ourselves… Unconsciously going through our day with this constant nagging background noise of planning and hoping and stressing going on.

Notice it happening.
And release it.
I swear, it’s not serving you.

A great deal of our stress and anxiety comes from putting only our heads where our hearts should venture.

The logical mind is fascinating, but we give it too much responsibility. It’s a fantastic part of the whole of our being, but it doesn’t work great as the soul captain of the ship.

This is where the heart comes in. The heart — the spiritual center of our being— doesn’t predict. It can’t. It’s totally in the moment and it’s totally fulfilled. It needs nothing, but it loves everything. This is the miraculous environment where true creativity lives.

The only way you can put your heart into something is to engage with it. Not to merely think/plan/ponder about it. But to dive in, heart first.

When you just think about the problem, the head works alone. When the head works alone, you stress because the head becomes overwhelmed. It knows it can’t do it alone, no matter how much your ego tells you that it can.

But when you engage with the thing, the head and the heart can work together (if you allow them to).

Stressing before hand does no good. Drop down into your heart and put yourself into it. Engage with it while staying in the moment.

And I promise you, step… 
by step…
by step…

Your creation will emerge.