The creative deficiencies of individual will

Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

Do you find yourself forcing your creative work through personal will? As macho as it feels trying to muscle it out, it’s very limited.

Straining isn’t good for anything, but especially for creative work.

(Whenever I say ‘creative work’, know that I’m saying this with a very broad brushstroke. Creative work can encompass anything from painting to fishing to parenting to working customer service. It’s more in the ‘how’ than in the ‘what’.)

Do you feel like you’re straining? Are you squinting your eyes and racking your brain? Are you YouTubing answers like mad?

Let go… 
Just try it.

Yes, maybe you have deadlines. But what you’re doing isn’t working, so you may as well experiment with me.

Surrender your personal will. Sit in the not-knowingness for awhile. Go for a run, take a long shower, walk the dog. Say this affirmation five times before you do…

I surrender my personal will for the creative, divine intelligence that life springs from in every instant.

Yes, this stuff is spiritual. You may be uneasy about this, but…

We can’t escape the fact that creative work is inherently spiritual.

This has been the big revelation for me these last few months. I got it intellectually before, but I get it in my bones now. I used to see a line (as fine as it was) between creativity and spirituality, now I really don’t.

Depending on your small, personal, individual will is like depending on the hard drive of your computer. Surrendering to the fertile void of spirit is like tapping into the power of the cloud.

Look at it this way: We call it ‘creative’ work because the answer isn’t on the menu. No one’s made that dish yet. Else it wouldn’t be ‘creative’. It might be ‘interesting’. But not ‘creative’.

When you do this, something will show up. Of course, it will likely terrify you since it won’t have been tried before. Your ego will try to convince you to not let it see the light of day. It’ll feed you visions of losing your job, being kicked out of your apartment, your kid tugging at your pant leg because she’s hungry (or does that only come in MY nightmare?), etc.

Fear not…

Put it down on paper. Ship it. Share it. Publish it. Say it. Enact it.

Have faith in the newness that will shine forth on the screen of your mind when you give it space to breathe.

Have faith in the intelligence that lies beneath every problem.

Have faith in the creative spirit that’s waiting for your individual will to get the hell out of the way so it can shine forth.

(I say this with as much love as I can muster 😍 )