If they burned all the books

Photo by Calum MacAulay on Unsplash

What if they (whoever ‘they’ are…) were able to get ahold of and burn every single spiritual text on the planet (and delete the digital ones)?

Sounds ominous, right? Maybe even downright terrifying, even if you don’t consider yourself religious or spiritual, to no longer be able to read the words of so many luminaries (yep, no more Shel Silverstein).

However, for reasons I’ll soon explain, although that notion is horrific, there’s one thing that excites me at the same time.

And that is the fact that we’d just write new ones.

If they burned and deleted all the sacred scriptures on the planet, we humans have the innate capacity to write new ones from the same inexhaustible source out of which the old ones emerged.

Which leads me down the rabbit hole of inquiry. Ready?…

What would humanity write if we all gave each other the agency to do this? How closely would our new spiritual texts resemble the old ones? Would we start anew and totally innovate? Or would it be a little bit of both where the ancient tenets still held, but new notions were written around them?

The point is this…

The resources of the human spirit are ecstatically vast and self-replenishing. They can burn and delete the sacred books, but no one can destroy the enduring depths out of which they came out of.

What would your sacred text look like if you could author it?

Would it be simple? 
Or complex?

Would it be a manifesto? 
Or a trilogy?

Would we recognize it? 
Or would it be totally new to us?

If all the sacred texts were burned and they knocked on your door to write a new one, would you?

If not, why?

And if so, why aren’t you writing it? There’s really nothing stopping you.