The writing season

What’s great about an extended body of written work is that you get to look back and see your seasons.

I go in and out of seasons all the time. And it‘s uncanny how often they go along with the four seasons of the year.

Sometimes, I find myself in a very spiritual season where everything that comes out of my fingertips is ephemeral (though I always try to keep it real).

Other times, I find myself in an irreverent season. It’s here that I’m more radical and I throw around a few swear words here and there. I might even pick a fight or two (all in good spirits, of course).

I find myself listening to different kinds of music, eating certain foods, and picking up the same books all according to what season it is.

But my favorite season is the writing season. The storytelling season. I love this craft. I feel alive when I can sit and do this, right here. Without any agenda. Just sitting and telling you a story about the seasons and what they mean to me.

I’m in that season now. As you may have read, I’ve gone deep into journaling again, both in the personal sense as well as working with others to help them deepen creatively through intentional journaling. I’ve taken my spiritual counseling and writing coaching programs and have married them into a guided journaling experience (something that I think will be more perennial than seasonal).

The words we use are important. When they’re unconscious, they direct us from the shadows. But when we shine the light on them and get them out on the page, we see them for what they are. Unthreateningly inert objects.

We can do all sorts of fun things with our words in a journal. We can cross them out, erase them, flush them down the toilet (careful — only one page at a time), or even burn them.

And, most importantly, we can re-write them.

I love this season — figuratively and literally. Fall is in the air. It is THE writing season.

Here’s to you grabbing a pumpkin spice something or other, hunkering down with that journal, and embracing it.