When it’s finally okay

If we can fully face what we feel is so flawed about ourselves and sit in that murky (but strangely satisfying) soup, we give ourselves the chance to — after time — be… okay with it.

But sometimes, it’s just not that easy (okay, it actually hardly ever is).

If you know what I mean, never fear. Because the good news is, if we can’t get to the place where we’re okay with it, it’s just as good if we can hang out with someone else who can get okay with it.

This is all part of the holy relationship. And it’s a testament to our tribal nature. As soon as the other acknowledges, yyyeah, that was pretty messed up, but I’m good with it, then something can click within us that allows us to feel the same.

Maybe this is what’s behind the whole Catholic confession thing.

It’s just a little creepy when they sit in those little booths looking sideways. And also ineffective. Because it’s in another human’s eyes where we get true confirmation of this sacred okayness.

We good?
I’m good. 
You good?
Okay, good.