Soulful individualism

Here’s the crux of the problem (as well as the profound blessing that’s at hand)…

This might sound really woo-woo, but hang with me for a couple minutes…

Many poets and mystics have pointed to the notion that you and I are individualized expressions in the creative consciousness of the divine.

This universal creative mind flows through us. Our thought is creative by nature, not by individual will.

The idea is that we are individual points of expression of this infinite divine power — at birth. I know through hanging out with my daughter that when we’re children, we know this at a deep level. It’s not conceptualized, it’s known.

But then we grow up. As we do, we get hammered by our cultural environment that we are stupid little individual thinkers left to our own devices in this big world.

So what do we do? We take our innately creative mind and make an inner world that fits that model so we can feel safe living within it. We build sturdy artificial defense mechanisms. We put our faith on the egoic fortresses built by ourselves and others to keep us safe.

Some of us make it quite far doing this. We become ‘high powered’ people with all the trappings of a ‘successful’ life. But all the while, that God-given universally creative mind is yearning for expression in the only way that we can individually express it.

We get glimpses of it, but we get terrified. Because we make up the idea that if we listen to it, we might lose everything we’ve built. We might hurt people and let them down. And then what?

So we trudge on. 
But the urges come back. 
They always do. 
Calling us back home.
Back to ourselves.

And that’s the super short snapshot of the problem: By nature, we are innately united with this universal divine mind that seeks expression through us. We are, in a sense, ‘being thunk’.

It’s when we start trying to think from the place of our deserted ego on this imaginative island that we get stuck. Because from this place we do all kinds of stupid stuff that only muddies the connection with this divine source. We build our entire lives on this illusory notion. And we wonder why we end up miserable.

Note: It’s nothing personal — it’s how we’re biologically designed. This is the evolutionary dance between the newly formed prefrontal cortex and the lizard brain (amygdala). Far more smarterer people than I have written about this.

If we could just get the little individualized voices in our heads quiet, we wouldn’t be brain dead like our ego fears we would be. We’d actually find newness in life. We’d be profoundly connected with our God-given soulful individualism as opposed to the man-made individualism we’ve been cursed with from well-intentioned societal norms.

I’d take the former any day.

I just wish they’d have told me this at church when I was a kid instead of me having to figure this out on my own after years of study and stumbling down proverbial flights of existential stairs.

I probably wouldn’t have listened, though:) 
Silly little me.