What if you never noticed?

Photo by Mohamed Lammah

I just have one quick insight for you today…

Wouldn’t it be a shame to have a fantastic life and not notice it?

I’ll leave that right there. Have a fantastic rest of your weekend. Maybe it’ll show up a bit differently for you now 😉.


As I stop and reflect, I see how precious this life — this very moment — is. I see how much time I spend thrashing about the illusory past and future and how little time I spend being… here.

All that’s before me is now. Everything else is a blatant fabrication of reality.

I see how wrong my doomsdayish predictions have been. I also see how wrong my ‘dream-come-true’ scenarios have been. I recognize at how bad I am at dealing with the past and future and I surrender the inclination to even try.

Because all that’s here is the ripe, fertile present moment. 
And it’s all I’ll ever need.

Life is wonderful. 
I plan on noticing it while it’s here.

And so it is.