The fertile void of beingness

Photo by Julie Marsh

I don’t know if they intended this when they named us ‘human beings’, but it’s a profound description of us in the spiritual sense.

Especially that second word: ‘being’. It’s the perfect word to describe the formless energy that is us. Beneath our man-made personal thinking is a state of beingness that’s spontaneously creative and healing. Our beingness is not created by us. It’s what creates us and our experience.

When all personal thinking falls away, we just… are. Fully here. Totally present.

It’s terrifying to consider what might happen without our personal thinking. May we lose our identity? Forget the names of our kids? Not understand the difference between a red and green light?

These are the fears that keep the ego in the driver’s seat.

If we allow ourselves to release our grasp on our personal thinking, we see that a fresh world of new thought, feeling, and overall experience is there waiting to emerge from the fertile underbrush.

When our inner gardener clears away the weeds of personal thinking, beneath the shrubbery we find the fertile void of beingness. We allow ourselves to tune into infinite intelligence when the ego surrenders to the depth of the present moment.

All it takes is an understanding of how it works. Not an intellectual one, but an experiential one. As we realize our inner being, our personal thinking naturally winds down, our head clears, and we become more open to life. We begin to feel more at ease and connected to the world around us. We get more comfortable with whatever we’re experiencing and our quality of thinking improves.

Our beingness has nothing to do with our past, our biochemistry, our personality, the people around us, our circumstances, or the content of our thoughts. It’s what is there — and what was there — long before all these other things came around.

Every moment of our experience emerges from within. We can trick ourselves into believing it doesn’t. And we can create all sorts of defense mechanisms to guard against the world ‘out there’. But it’s still coming from within. From our personal thinking.

But there’s a level deeper. If we could just let this personal thinking fall away, we’d give ourselves free, 24/7 access to this fertile void within. Who knows what would happen then. We can only find out if we give it a chance.


I see that my experience is made, not from my circumstances, but from thought about circumstance (or whatever else is flying through my head) in the moment. I have the unique human ability to rehash these personal thoughts. Like a track on iTunes, I can put them on repeat and let them continually play throughout the soundtrack of my life. But I also know I have another option. I can see those tracks of personal thinking as man-made forms and I can surrender them. As terrifying as this can be, when I do this, I make room for new thought that emerges fresh from the Source of the fertile void that underlies my beingness. When I surrender to this indwelling presence, my world changes without anything ‘out there’ having to change at all. And then I can dance. I can paint an entirely new experience across the screen of my existence.

I revel in this understanding knowing it can save me at any moment. Over and over again. And so it is.