Allow yourself all the feels

Editor’s Note: I’m going to try a new format here. I’ll start with a commentary and then close with a benediction. Might be fun..


I’m coming out of this phase of my spiritual journey that’s based on thinking/feeling/doing the ‘right’ things. I’m noticing how much of a polarized and dualistic way of seeing the world this is.

This might be a necessary part of the path, but I’m seeing now that there’s so much more beyond that.

What’s interesting about the nature of consciousness is that it just does its thing. It takes thought in the moment and animates it through the senses, thus making said thought(s) seem very real. And concrete. And lovely. And sometimes terrifying.

When you understand what the thing — consciousness — is doing, you become… okay with it. You can easily catch yourself there in the movie theatre of your mind in your current human experience and say, oh, I’m totally getting caught up in this flick and making this way of seeing it seem real.

So, when I used to get down, I’d get frustrated and anxious for feeling that way. I’d see it as inherently ‘wrong’ and I made up the narrative that I had to be a good American and make it better.

Understanding the nature of consciousness allows you to enjoy the movie playing on the screen of your consciousness without beating yourself up over what appears on the screen.

We’re humans. This is our jam right now. It’s how our experience works — all of us.

Try this on for size... The next time you find yourself getting swept away by emotion, don’t resist. Allow yourself to feel those feels. Know that it’s not a fixed reality, but a thought-image coming from your thought in the moment and appearing on the screen of your consciousness as real. It’s an inside job. (Start with ‘negative’ emotions and then when you’re a Jedi, work your way into the ‘positive’ ones.)

Scary, sad, and anger-inducing movies are enjoyable as long as a part of you — if even a small part — understands that it’s just a movie. Without that small bit of awareness, it’s a harrowing experience.

Enjoy the movie, Jedi warrior. And pass the Junior Mints when you get a chance.


May you know and celebrate your human experience knowing that it’s all okay. You’re okay. Know there will be dragons. Big, scary ones as well as valiant, kind ones. But may you also know that, amidst the drama and epicness of it all, the real you is merely sitting in a padded, climate controlled chair munching on popcorn and drinking an Izzy. No matter how terrifying the scene on the screen, there’s always an inner space that’s safe, warm, secure, and enlivening waiting for you to trust-fall back into. May you know there are dragons, but may you keep watching anyways. And may you know — really know — that this scene will end.