Our imagined disconnection from Source

Image: Juan Di Nella

Many deep spiritual thinkers throughout history have announced an individual will within a universal coordinating will.

If we zoom out on the world, it’s apparent that this universe is ‘going somewhere.’ It’s forever unfolding in depth, complexity, and unity. It will explode stars, uproot nations, and tear through ecosystems to get to where it’s going whether we want it to or not.

This has little to do with our own little, personal thinking.

So we have this sort of universal, divine intelligence that under-girdles our individual experiences.

The key is to align with it. To dance with it, if you will.

When we’re feeling in the flow, this is a sign that we’re playing our individual role in that larger divine dance.

But then we have our personal egos. We each have our individual will. We want more bacon (damn right we do). We want our internet to be faster. We want more approval. And all the other infinite things we want.

Not everything our egos demand is a part of this universal divine dance. Some of them are. But many of them aren’t.

Why is it set up like this? How can we want and desire outside of this divine movement of life?

Here’s what’s really kind of cool…

We’re humans, not automatons. We’ve been given the gift of free thought. We can plug in or unplug. Up to us.

Ernest Holmes said it really well…

Wherever the individual will is contrary to, or in opposition to, this universal coordinating will, it detaches itself from the source of its power, it goes alone, and soon becomes exhausted. On the other hand, wherever the individual will links itself up with the universal harmony, it becomes a spontaneous proclamation of that harmony, now individualized.

If you’re not ‘linked up’, mental distress kicks in and you feel disconnected from Source.

If you are ‘linked up’, you’re enthusiastic. You’re alive. Not just with a beating heart, but with a surging soul. You’re in a place of deep service. You feel at home in yourself, but you also feel blanketed in a warm presence that’s way bigger than your individual self.

So how do you get ‘linked up’?

Here’s the thing… 
You can never truly be disconnected. You can only think that you are.

And if you do this enough, it turns into a background loop in your subconscious programming.

You’ve made the unreal seemingly real.

But all it takes is a thought to get back to connection.

You’re never more than one thought away.

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