Holding hands

Image: Crew

There’s nothing really enjoyable about leg days at the gym. Not that upper body workouts are much more enjoyable, but at least they’re rewarding. You get that nice pump afterwards that give you visual confirmation that you put your work in.

Well, the other day — leg day — I was sitting in the medieval contraption that is the leg press machine, grunting out my reps, sweating profusely, and listening to Justin Bieb… I mean… Something really hardcore… When I looked over to see something quite charming.

Yes, charming. Now, charming isn’t probably the word you associate with the gym, but my particular gym is also a senior center. It provides an interesting mix of characters, for sure. In the same morning, you’ll have the high school football team working out alongside a couple old ranchers wearing worn Wrangler jeans who’ve been buddies for almost a century.

Pretty cool.

Anyhow, I’m doing my leg presses and I look over and there’s a seasoned (I prefer this word to ‘old’) couple holding hands, smiling, walking around the indoor track. So there’s Jimmy from the track team (I made this name up for him because I have no idea what his name is) sprinting circles around this beautiful seasoned couple who are strolling merrily, lost in their own world.

It just hit me how life can become so much deeper and more meaningful as we grow into ourselves.

Alex and I would never do that in the gym. She does her Zoomba thing, I do my weights, and we meet afterwards and head home. No public displays of affection in the gym. That’s just bizarre…

Or is it?
Why is it?

I could die after I write this word.

Knowing that each breath is a borrowed one can put things in just the right perspective and allow us to love like we’ve never loved before.

I’m still terrified to do this with Alex. I have too much need for approval. I’m too embarrassed. But a deeper part of me sees absolutely zero shame in it.

Why is that voice always on the back burner?

Why can’t we ‘younger’ people celebrate love as unabashedly as that seasoned couple who illumined the gym with their affection for each other?

This makes me wonder… Who truly is blessed with youth in this picture? Them? Or me?

I’d say the former.

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