New Thought… Is it, really?

Image: Devon Janse van Rensburg

I’m not sure what you know about New Thought, the spiritual tradition I happen to be studying, and I don’t want to get into too much geek-speak here, but I’ll just say that the public perception of it has a lot to do with manifestation, law of attraction, etc.

I don’t know about you, but when I see this manifestation stuff toted across the interwebs, my BS detector gets triggered, stat. I’ve seen so many hucksters tote the law of attraction stuff. It’s really too bad. Because there IS some value there, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg as far as the New Thought tradition goes.

See, ‘New Thought’ is pretty literal. What we’re after here is (drumroll, please) ‘new thought’ (TaDa!). As far as we’re concerned, this is where Source lives (or God or whatever you call him/her/it). We are to loosen our old, personal, conditioned thought in order to make way for new insight from Source.

When I hear a lot of people talk about manifestation, LoA, etc. it seems to be more about rehashed old thought than new thought.

Like, I’ve always wanted that car, so I should keep thinking about it until it shows up.

No, no…

This isn’t a new thought. This is trying to create from ego. Stop trying to prove to your dad that you’re worthy. You were born worthy in the eyes of God, so you’re covered there. Give yourself the freedom to move beyond that limitation from when your dad embarrassed you in front of your little league team (sorry, I digress — PREACHING here, friends…).

Not that there’s anything wrong with that new car. I love new cars. We just got one last month. A Kia Sportage. Thing is pretty sweet, for an almost-40 dad like me. When I was a young man, I drove the clunkiest of clunkers. We’re blessed to be able to drive it. But I’m already like, meh

I mean, let me ask you — what’s the last shiny new thing you’ve received that’s given you lasting fulfillment?

Maybe if you’d let that thought of the new car go, something more enriching would show up as a new thought from Source. Something that might bring peace and provide for the multitudes. And maybe that car would be part of the equation. But the main thing? Really? If you trust Source, you’ll find there’s WAY more where that came from.

What’s incredible about the deeper aspects of spirituality is how rich the soil of fresh thinking really is.

Sure, I might want a car. That might be my starting point. But when I let that thought go, something new shows up that adds so much more depth to the situation.

And when I let THAT thought go, something even more vibrant shows up that I had no idea would add to the picture just moments before.

And this rabbit hole into Mind (yes, with a capital ‘M’) never ends. When you sink back into it and speak and live from that place, you see that there really is infinite layers to this life.

Sure beats a bigger car payment and the cops following you all around town.

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