They never really die

Mothers Day is always an interesting time for me. I have such big love towards moms. Mine was the most loving individual I’ll ever know.

As I’ve explained before on this blog (including yesterday), my mom passed when I was young. If you read yesterday’s post, you saw that I’m sorting through a bunch of old photos. I’ll tell you, it’s a trip.

I found this particular photo that knocked me back on my heels…

And here’s one I took in our home some time ago…

Even though who I knew to be the physical body and spirit of my mom has now made her transition, the love of a mother lives on in the relationship between my wife and daughter.

A mother’s love is one of the highest forms of love there is.

Rory and I have a special bond all our own. But when I see the love between Alex and her, it’s like staring at a sunset. It radiates with the infinitude of a love that never truly dies.

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