Internally nomadic

Image: Ewa Stepkowska

Around here, there’s a lot of subdivisions. In some areas, they’re sprawling. Tiny boxes (well, actually, most are bigger than mine) all in rows as far as the eye can see. These subdivisions are full of people who have homes. They even have cars. And large TV’s. Some even have boats.

But I can’t tell you how many people I come across who seem to be emotionally and internally nomadic. They’re unsettled. Always searching. As secure of a place they carry their bodies back to at night, in their eyes is a wandering. A low hum of longing and not-quite-there-ness.

They’re ‘trying to find themselves’ and have been for years. Consciously or subconsciously.

You been there? 
I have. 
In fact, I still find myself there on occasion.

What I’m pointing to here is our internal home. The seat of our soul (though, I’ve never read the book by that title, so Gary Zukav might be talking about something far different than what I am).

No matter how far away we think we’ve drifted, we’re never more than one thought away from home.

The soul... What is this, anyways? I think you’d find a different meaning for each person you ask. But for me, it’s the non-physical part of ourselves that is perfect, whole, complete, needs no fixing, and couldn’t care less about approval. To be realized in us and expressed through us.

This thing I call soul pulls me to write and share every day. It makes me feel warm when I’m close to my family. It makes me feel alive when it moves my body through activities I love.

If Source (or God, Mind, or whatever you call it) is the infinite bright light of intelligence and unconditional love that radiates beneath us, Soul is our individually unique prism we use to disperse that light in our own world.

Tapping straight into Source would be like drinking from a water hose. Soul helps us individualize it in our own way.

When we reconnect with our soul, we find ourselves at home. By the fire. With a slight brandy buzz and good music playing.

May you stop your search for your internal home at once and find yourself right where you need to be. May you kick your shoes off and take that deep breath that states to the universe, “There’s no place like home.”

This is my prayer for you today.

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