Through the eyes of a kid

I know it might not be practical — even cliche’ — but sometimes I wish I could see the world through a child’s eyes again.

I mean, seriously. Think about how fantastic that would be…

If someone pisses you off, sure, you might get mad. They might get mad at you. But then you’d get over it and go right back to playing.

If someone leaves for 5 minutes and comes back, you greet them by screaming their name and hugging their leg like you haven’t seen them in decades.

If you get even the chinciest gift, you’re absolutely blown away by it. Your whole body says so.

I don’t want to worry about a nuclear war breaking out. Or whether my health is going to last as long as I hope it does. Or if I’m doing the right things in life.

I just want to do some art, eat some chicken nuggets, enjoy being naked, be impressed by my echo, unabashedly pick my nose, and love with my entire being.

What a life it would be. If even for a moment.

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