A vision is not caught by force

It comes through surrender

Image: Sweet Ice Cream Photography

I have a confession. Please don’t hate me. Please don’t report me to the New Age police or come to my house with pitchforks and torches in the form of a glowing mob of meditation mobile apps (I’ve tried them all).

I’m not a big fan of meditation.

There, I said it. Most of it that I’ve tried, I find boring. B-o-r-i-n-g.

But I’m going through training to become a spiritual practitioner in the New Thought tradition (also known as a ‘prayer practitioner’), which means, I’m learning how to sit with someone in duress, listen to them, and then evoke the Godhead within so as to utter a prayer that strikes the chords of the soul and brings about a healing vibe in the room so resonant you can feel it in your bones. Or something like that…

So I’m learning a lot about different modalities of prayer/meditation. This last week, I learned about the Life Visioning Process — a meditative prayer ‘technique’ coined by Michael Beckwith.

There’s way more to this process, but here’s the skinny on the 7 steps of visioning:

  1. Get your mind clear. Meditate a little (I had to force it a bit, but that’s ok).
  2. Get into a loving state of receptivity. Not the human, relative, romantic type of love. The kind of unconditional love that underlies all words. Yeah, that kind.
  3. Mentally place your question before the intuitive faculty of the Higher Self: “What is the highest vision of my life? What seeks to emerge in, through, and as my life?” (Or, for whatever you’re visioning about.) Sit with that for as long as you want.
  4. When ready, move to the next question, which is, “What must I become in order to manifest this vision? What qualities must I cultivate?” Without censorship or judgement, open to what comes through.
  5. Ask: “What must I release to manifest this vision?” (This may include habits, mind-sets, etc.)
  6. Ask: “What talents, skills, gifts, and qualities do I already possess that will serve this vision?”
  7. No matter how clearly your vision came through, close with a resounding inner — ‘yes’ to it.

Pretty nifty, right? There’s two things that I particularly love about this method of preditation (my word for prayer/meditation):

  1. It gives you something to do. I don’t know about you, but I need more than just ‘sit and pay attention to your breath’. Visioning puts you in an open, meditative state while, at the same time, giving the monkey mind something to chew on.
  2. ‘Visioning’ is different than ‘visualization’ in that it’s a modality based on listening, not speaking. I’m trying to kick the habit of genuflecting to some anthropomorphic deity in the clouds. Visioning makes more sense to me in that we’re listening to intuitive knowing rather than speaking our demands to a God designed from ego.

So I’m doing this visioning thing, and it’s really fun because I know I’m a total beginner. I have no shame in that. Like the rookie cop with that itchy trigger finger, I want to — bang — have that vision right away, sarge…

But I’m learning that isn’t how it happens.

The Jedi thing is, not to come up with something awesome to pray for.

There’s nothing to create here. We don’t have to think of some end-goal. We’re mining what’s already there. The key is to get our own nonsense out of the way so the good stuff can come through.

We have to surrender to what’s already there, not force something new to come into existence.

It’s just that our ego gets in the way and puts its demands first (remember, it makes a horrible master but fantastic helper). But our intuition knows better.

This is what’s really interesting. When it clicks, it resembles a feeling of coming home. Not a feeling of going out and getting something.

Which is nice.
If you’re into that type of thing.

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