So this is weird…

I just got a weird response on my most recent post. It’s weird in a weird way. Not in a spammy or trollish way. Just… Weird. Like, vibey weird.

Well, here it is. You can judge for yourself:


I was actually going to respond and agree with him (because it’s my job to overthink these things — it’s kinda what I do), when his profile bio caught my eye. It started with, “Waiting for society to collapse…” which made me look deeper.

Upon further inspection, I noticed the dude’s name is Robert Marsh. But I also noticed he has Benjamin P. Hardy’s photo (I noticed because, if you’re on Medium as much as I am, Hardy comes with the landscape) as an avatar and links to his site. See:


Here’s Ben Hardy’s site:

I write this because — what in the holy hell is going on around here?

Has Hardy built an army of clones to take over Medium? Is this guy just a Hardy superfan? I want explanations. Thanks and good day.