When beliefs stop becoming interesting

Image: Danielle MacInnes

You can wax philosophically about your theistic or atheistic description of the God you believe in (or the one you don’t believe in), but I’m seeing more and more how it doesn’t really matter to me. That discussion isn’t interesting.

In fact, the more poignant you may think you’re describing this God, the more I see that you’re drifting away from the point...

I tried for a long time to define God. I wanted to be able to win and defend arguments about it at the Thanksgiving table or in digital bits and bops across the internet. I wanted to clearly point out what God was and what s/he/it was/wasn’t. I thought that, if I could do this, the closer I’d get to God.

But I found that the further I ventured in this conversation, the more I’d moved away from God.

I felt trapped in my head — in the world of intellectual belief.


I’m starting to see how overrated beliefs are. Yes, a lot of people believe they like to drink clean water, but they vote for candidates and make choices that negate those beliefs. So beliefs are shit, really…

I don’t care what you believe about God. I don’t care how you define God. That isn’t interesting to me.

What’s interesting to me is how your God (or the denial of that God) is helping you live.

How is this God/non-God helping you…

…give more of yourself to the world around you?
…healing your insecurities?
…live a more deliberate life?
…laugh more?
…love more?
…cultivate more curiosity?
…dance with the uncertainties of life?
…bring more vibrancy, color and richness to your aesthetic world?
…create a warmer presence towards your family and neighbors?
…solve interesting problems?

I’m far more interested in God as subject, not as object.

Whether you’re an theist or an atheist, don’t speak to me in lofty ideals and philosophical arguments unless you can also show me with your feet, hands, and heart.

I’ll know you’re getting close when that light behind your eyes begins to shine.

When I see that, I’ll know it’s time for another cup of coffee.

Or whatever it is you’re having.

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