The power of symbolism

Image: Dyaa Eldin

We move too fast to discount the symbolic in today’s modern, prescriptive world.

Let’s take, for example, Jesus rising from the dead...

If this was literal, to me, it would be boring. Like a headline in the news you talk about for a day or a week and then it’s gone.

But symbolism…

Symbolism births conversations about a thing that last generations.

Symbolism kicks off an eternal conversation. Literalism kills a thing right where it is.

When it’s literal, it is what it is. There is no more.

When it’s symbolic, it’s just the start. We create through story and fable and awkward moments at the family dinner table — generation after generation — what comes next.

Symbolism touches us at a subjective level and speaks to the deepest depths of what it means to be human.

Maybe we should give symbolism another chance. Maybe, if our religion is based on the literal, we’re limiting the way we hold the world.


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