Keep it surreal

Image: Alex Ruban

We drive a lot in Nevada. Almost everything is at least 20 minutes away. Podcasts are must-haves.

I listened to an interview the other day on one of my favorite podcasts, The School of Greatness, hosted by Lewis Howes.

Lewis was interviewing the co-founder of Summit Series, Elliott Bisnow.

I knew nothing of Bisnow before this, but found his energy to be contagious (besides the fact that he sounds eerily like Tom Cruise). The whole interview is fantastic. You can catch it here:


What struck me was an underlying theme that he summed up in one quote where he said…

“It’s not enough to ‘be real’. You’ve got to aim for creating surreal experiences to inspire the kind of impact that will change the world.”
 — Elliott Bisnow

This spoke to me...

I know there’s a certain virtue to ‘keep it real’. A lot of folks have done very well in doing this. But ‘keeping it surreal’ is next-level stuff.

I don’t know about you, but I love experiences that raise me out of the hamster wheel of daily life.

I have ‘real’ all around me. My Facebook feed is ‘real’ (or is it fake?). My indigestion is real. My bills are ‘real’. My fears and doubts and insecurities and limitations seem ‘real’ (although I know they’re not, but that’s for another post).

I have plenty of ‘real’ in my life. I want more ‘surreal’.

On a personal note, this is why I created Higher Thoughts. It gives me a space, every day, to enter into the surreal and bring my reader along with me.

The surreal. This is what Spirit calls us to.

So, keep it surreal this weekend. Let me know how it goes.

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