On the villains in your life

Image: Mathew MacQuarrie

We can’t get around the fact that life is much like a movie…

And being a movie, villains are a necessary entity in any story. Without them, your role as the hero of your life would mean nothing.

Embrace them.

There’s an incredible script written for your life. And mine.

If we’re good actors, our mouth waters at this idea. However…

If you look around and see no villains, know that you’re living life off-script.

Humans are only interested in stories where someone overcomes.

But when we find villains in our midst, we think we’ve failed. We turn back, tuck our tails, and go home.

“Not us,” we say.

We shake our fists at the sky and pray to God that they were all gone so we could all live villain-less lives.

I ask you to see things differently…

Villains mean we’re on the right track.

Just as in great movies, the villain rises in proportion to the prowess of the hero.

The Joker was a great match for Batman. The Joker would never waste his time on ‘Doug’ from accounting (unless Doug happened to be a badass, of course).

Give your villains an inner thank-you for playing a proper role and keep rocking.


One thing I failed to mention above is that it’s important not to get caught up in the games of villains. As good of a sign that they are in your life, if you fight them on their level, they’ll win every time.

As integral as villains are to our lives, our job isn’t necessarily to fight them.

The key is to transcend them.

Acknowledge them. Bless them…

But then, transcend them.

Until they fade away and new, greater villains enter stage-right.

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