On Gaga, following your calling, and consciously constructing your alter ego

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I have to say, that was an impressive halftime show, wasn’t it?

I’ve always been a fan of the Gaga. I respect her, not just because she’s an incredible performer, but because I’ve lightly studied her path of transformation and from what I can tell, it’s fascinating.

On starting somewhere (anywhere)

Born Stefani Germanotta, she was a musical talent from a young age, obviously headed for greatness…

What strikes me about her early work, again, isn’t so much her talent (which is incredible, of course), but how she wasn’t scared to start.

In 2006, she was boldly performing awesomely-awkward Led Zeppelin covers at dive bars. (Gaga?! Yes…)


Now, here’s what’s FASCINATING about this…

The thing that drove her wasn’t becoming ‘Lady Gaga’. What drove her was the music.

If she was driven by a persona, she’d NEVER have done this ^^^. Her mission was not an entirely ego-driven one. It was an answering to a deeper calling.

Music wanted to express through her. If you’re spiritually inclined, you could say that God wanted to express through her AS music. And she was bold enough to answer that call. Awkwardly (but still beautifully) in front of her peers.

In my mind, I can envision a teenage girl out there watching last week’s halftime show. Maybe this girl has talent. But as she stares wide-eyed at the pyrotechnics, costume, makeup, and huge crowd, THIS is what she wants — the persona. She sees THAT as the starting point. Getting on stage at a college dive bar and belting out a cover is the last thing crossing her mind.

But this was the groundwork for Gaga.

This is where it starts. 
Anywhere it can.

On your alter ego

Here’s a performance of her’s at NYC that cuts deeper into the soul…


What’s really interesting here is that, if you open that video on YouTube, you’ll see comments like, “Norah Jones look out.”

Now, I’ve never spoken with Gaga. But I have a feeling that she felt tremendous pressure to fit into the box her peers were trying to smash her into. Something in her wanted to not only reject this box, but to strap a stick of dynamite to it and blow it to smithereens.

At a young age, she had the wherewithal to realize that if she wanted to grow beyond the box society was constructing for her, she’d have to make her own to jump into after the dust settled from the detonation of theirs.

And so Lady Gaga — a consciously constructed alter ego — was born…

I invented myself — Lady Gaga. I curated my life to be an expression of my pain. This is how I overcame my depression is by creating somebody I felt was stronger than me. 
— Stefani Germanotta

Now, this can be a dangerous thing. We’ve seen plenty of people — mostly performers — mindlessly create alter egos that eventually destroy them.

But if you see Gaga in settings where she’s speaking from the heart instead of putting on a show, it’s apparent that Stefani Germanotta is still alive and well. This shows that ‘Lady Gaga’ is a conscious creation, else she’d not be able to switch back and forth. Also, from what I can tell, Lady Gaga’s off-stage life seems to be quite… interesting… but nothing too explosive like her stage presence might suggest.


I know today’s example is of a famous performer. Maybe you have no interest to be in the spotlight. And that’s fine. These principles apply to life-growth in any arena, from the boardroom to the Staples Center.


If you hear a calling, start somewhere. Anywhere. Get up and be awkward. Belt out those Led Zeppelin covers. Share your writing. Help that group of people before having all the answers. Give your muse a chance to express. If you never let it out of the cage, it will never find its way.


You WILL construct an alter-ego, either consciously or subconsciously. We’re human. We’re assigned an ego on this earth. Choose the former. Construct a conscious one. Don’t let the world around you do it for you. Yes, use their feedback and guidance, but choose where that takes you.

This is your responsibility. 
Give us a show.

P.S. If this post resonated with you, I suggest watching the video below if you haven’t already. You’ll hear it straight from the source.

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