On dropping the notion of approval (for now)

Image: Pawel Janiak

I have a quick one today. It’s an easy question I’d like you to start your day with.

It’s not incredibly deep or esoteric. It’s pretty simple (but aren’t the simplest ones the best?).

Here it is…

What changes would you make in your life today, if you didn’t care what anybody else thought?

The primal, carnal, reptilian parts of our brains still speak quite loudly, even at this stage of our evolutional development (we’re only a couple clicks away from the stone age in the big picture, friends).

Approval is huge. Approval is largely what kept us alive at one time. If our tribes didn’t approve of us, we were kicked out of the campfire circle and left for dead. We were accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. And all the other horrid stories of the rejected throughout history (and even current times).

Today, override that voice. 
Ask yourself a new question.

You’re not in high school anymore (if you happen to be, and you’re reading this, you’re far beyond your age in spirit, so this applies to you too). You’ve left your parent’s guardianship (even if you’re still living in their basement).

This question — and your individual answer to it — is incredibly freeing. It’s liberating. It dares you to set out on an adventure of the soul.

Growth comes from steering out of old ruts and making new ones. It’s not an easy thing to do. It’s rough and bumpy and treacherous.

But eventually, new grooves will be set. New tracks will be laid down. And a new life will emerge.

Your life.

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