Silent Night

Image: Les Anderson

It’s Christmas Eve. A special night. I’ve always taken to it more than Christmas morning. There’s just something about the night. When it’s quiet and cold outside, but yet warm — in both Spirit and in temperature — inside.

I hope this post finds you in a warm place — however that may look for you.

I don’t know if you call yourself a Christian or not. I don’t even really know if I do. There’s just something about the label that I think Jesus would have cringed at. However, in lack of a better one, I’ll take it for now. Either way, let us enjoy this night for what it can represent, no matter how you label your faith.

Tonight is the silent night (following the darkest night by only a few days) before a significant figure in our human history was born. Was his message bastardized and westernized? Yeah, I’d say so. But his teachings were a light in the darkness of the time period he lived in.

It was a message of peace, joy, and sacrificial love when fear and compulsion ruled the day.

Is tomorrow truly Jesus’ birthday? I have no idea. But it’s as good as any.

May this night represent the end of the darkness and beginning of light in your life. May it throw to the wolves any sense of fear, longing, lack, or hopelessness in your world. And may you live to a higher truth upon morning while stoking that fire in your soul that says love is real.

Merry Christmas.

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