Santa Lives

Image: Erwan Hesry

Tonight, I want to share with you a piece that I’m particularly proud of.

Yes, as you may know, I’m a huge fan of Christmas. As you also know, a big part of this holiday in America is Macy’s. From The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to Miracle on 34th Street and more, I, personally, have so many fond memories around Macy’s that are tied to this magical time of year. Yes, they’re commercial giants, but they’re undeniably a brand that’s woven deep into the fabric of this culture — and for that, I tip my hat to them.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to be approached to be a part of their Santa Project.

Here’s the problem they’re trying to solve: The internet has placed so much information at our fingertips. This is a great thing. However, when you Google ‘Is Santa Claus real?’ you get back a huge negative from most every search result. This has prematurely killed the epic story of Santa Claus for a lot of tech-savvy kids.

Macy’s is trying to infuse the magic of Santa back into the internet .They’re trying to bring Santa back from the dead, if you will.

I thought this was a fantastic idea.

I have a very personal story about Santa. It involves me as a doubting kid and a poignant conversation I had with my late mother, who passed on when I was a teenager.

Anyhow, I’ll let you read the whole piece. I hope you find it sparks a bit of the magic around Santa for you and your family this Christmas. Enjoy…


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