Depth of being

Image: Hoàng Duy Lê

There’s people who live ‘on the surface’ of life.

You talk to them, and it’s very surface-based.

The weather. 
Yeah, the kids are good.

And then they’re off.

But then there are those people — the rare ones — who, when they sit with you, they’re… there.

Like, really there.

Time seems to slow down when in their presence.
They let you talk. 
They take in your words and process them. 
When they listen, they listen with the ear behind the ear.
They place weight on the pauses between your side of the conversation and theirs. 
When they speak, their words are fresh… New. Not pre-recorded snippets you’ve heard before. 
Sometimes it’s a genuine compliment. Other times, it’s a well-intended critique. 
Whatever it is arises from somewhere… Deeper.

These are people who live two inches deeper than the rest of us.

They carry a depth of being around with them that’s infectious. 
They’re rooted in Spirit, not in the day-to-day meaningless world the rest of us are caught up in. 
They may even seem a little behind the times on current affairs, but it’s… refreshing.

When you find those who live with that certain depth of being, don’t let them go.

These people are invaluable. 
As soon as you sit in the presence with them, things shift before either one of you says a word.

This depth of being is available to all. But finding and spending as much time as possible with those who’ve found it is contagious.

Catch the bug as soon as possible and pass it on.

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