Are you listening?

Image: Ben White

We’re a talking bunch of people. Even the ‘quiet’ ones — their internal dialogue is often louder than the spoken words of the ‘louder’ ones.

We’re always saying something. To ourselves. To each other. On social media. Or texts.

Even when we think we’re ‘listening’, we’re often actually interpreting — laying our viewpoint over that of which we’re ‘listening’ to — or thinking of the next thing to say.

But to listen — to really listen — means to listen with our whole heart and being, in order to be totally present to the moment.

How’s your inner-ear muscle working? No, not the thing that gets infected when you’re a kid (or, unfortunately for some, an adult) — I’m talking about the focus that tunes in to our inner world. With this, we dial in to our inner guidance — to the ‘still, small voice’ that lurks within.

This is wisdom. We’re not talking about ‘smarts’ here. This has nothing to do with scantron machines, number two pencils, or IQ. Wisdom is the deep underflowing of universal intelligence that resides in us all. Thing is, most ‘smart’ people are so into their own personal intelligence that they do things like say hurtful, degrading things and admit being a sexual predator while the microphone is on and it comes back to haunt them years later when they’re running for the highest office in the United…

Stop, Jonas. Back it on up… Listen, remember?

Ok, we’re good…

In today’s world, listening to the wisdom that surrounds us in every moment is like a secret weapon. Stop the mental chatter to feel the sensations in your body. Feel those urges in your heart. Know that certainty in your stomach.

It’s a daily practice, well worth the effort. No one, hardly, is doing this right now. Everyone’s talking.

Do you hear them?

Now, do you hear You?

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