Deepen and expand

Image: GukHwa Jang

Every weekday morning for the last few weeks, we’ve loaded Rory into the car and taken her to her new preschool an hour away. We’re moving. During the day, while Rory is at school, Alex and I work a little and then prep the new house for the big official move-in day.

It’s been… Exhausting. That hour car ride is pretty, but it wears on ones soul... And rear-end... And lower-back...

To help Rory pass the time, I load up her iPad with TV shows and movies (yes, it’s the iPad 1, because the only person who really uses it is her).

What’s funny is, there’s really only two programs that she likes to watch. Over and over. For the last couple years…

(1) Frozen
(2) Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear

She can watch these on repeat. All day. Intently.

I’m thankful for this because they’re really mellow, kid-friendly shows. I’m glad she’s not into the crazy seizure-inducing stuff yet — hopefully, ever. (Plus, I have to admit, I like them as much as she does.)

What I realized is that, the more she watches them, the better they get. Her vocabulary is expanding soooo much right now. Every time, it’s like watching a new movie/show.

I equate this to life (you knew where this was going, didn’t you?). The more our understanding deepens about our human experience and how the mind works, the more we expand. The more we can be ‘reborn’, in a sense, and experience this crazy thing anew.

The more we understand (by experience, not just through reading/pondering) that this whole thing is being created from the inside-out (yes, EVERYTHING), the more clear, interesting, expansive and moldable it gets.

Deepen and expand. Deepen and expand.

Now if she’d just stop asking me to go to the part where Elsa sings Let it Go, we’d have a pretty smooth ride.

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