The power of talking about the same thing every day

Image: Cameron Kirby

A lot of people ask how I come up with things to write about and share every day.

If you haven’t done it, and you sit down to think about doing it, this can seem like a daunting task.

How do I write about something every day without repeating myself?

Here’s how I do it…

I repeat myself. Every. Day.

Okay, not literally. I don’t just copy/paste from the day before. But my core message is pretty much the same over time. It says something like this:

Your experience is created from thought, not circumstance — so you might as well live accordingly.

One of my mentors, Seth Godin, has been blogging daily for almost a decade. The tagline on his website gives you the subject matter that he’s been repeating in daily blog posts, keynote speeches, and bestselling books for years now:

Go. Make something happen.

Four words. That’s the essence of what he writes about every single day in thousands of different variations. (The shorter, the better, mine’s too long — I’m working on it).

This is the power of establishing a core message. Take a stand on something. Commit to it.

There’s so much power in this.

Not to say you can never change, evolve, and grow. There’s a virtue in being aware of when it’s just not working. But the biggest problem people make is never having a core message in the first place.

If you can find a simple, powerful statement that acts as a tuning fork for your soul, you’ll have a lifetime of content to share in regards to it.

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