Let your passion drive you

A maxim of motivation for those who consider themselves ‘introverted’

Image: Nathan Anderson

I know it’s just a story, but I currently tend to consider myself an introverted kinda guy. It’s my comfort zone. Getting up in front of/meeting new people is kind of a grind for me. Small talk makes me itch.

I just want to throw out this note for anyone who needs to get out there and talk about their thing who might not consider themselves the most charismatically robust.

First of all, a great deal of self-awareness is key here. Maybe a video or a speech isn’t the way you should go. Maybe you should go all-in to what you’re good at — be it writing or illustrating or photos.

But if you want to give it a shot, or if you’re put into the position to where you HAVE to get your face and mouth out there to represent yourself, these words might help…

If you’re going off of charisma, you’re playing on the wrong strengths.

Right now, you’re likely not super charismatic. You can’t expect yourself to be at this point. Charisma will come AFTER you do it — not before (sorry, it’s just a phase you’ll have to get through).

Your strength isn’t your charisma. Your strength is your passion.

Some people are naturally bubbly and social. They can just be in a room of people and thrive. But you — you gotta come at it from a different approach.

First of all, be okay with coming off a little awkward (or a lot). You gotta have thicker skin than others in this area. You gotta be okay with that.

Then, you have to allow your passion to drive you.

Let passion drive you — not your image.

When you’re concerned with your image, the first stutter that leaves your lips will sink you.

Fuck it. Keep going.

This isn’t about your image. This isn’t about you at all. Let your passion push you past your comfort zone. You need to share what’s on your mind. You’re saving lives here. Really, you are.

Let your passion drive you. This is what people will connect with. Not your slick oratory skills or flashy camera presence.

Can’t find your passion? Well — this isn’t something that can be found because it’s never lost. That’s just a story we make up.

It’s there inside of you. Right now. Tune into it and let it carry you. Put yourself out there and trust it. Who knows? You might even end up liking it:)

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