Problems as solutions

Image: Josh Wilburne

Our ‘hang-ups’ are actually brilliant (although misunderstood) solutions to a high-stress, low-mood, unsettled state of mind.

This goes for most every kind of so-called ‘issue’ I can think of — drugs, alcohol, violence, sex, spending, eating disorders, Pokemon Go, etc.

Unlike a lot of the experts, I don’t believe these ‘hangups’ to be the ‘disease’ part of the equation. I see dis-ease as something that comes from our thinking in the moment. The remedy is the thing we reach for (above) to cancel out that feeling of dis-ease which stems from our thoughts in the moment. It’s brilliant, really.

Here’s how this goes down…

It’s classic inside-out thinking: We have thinking in the moment. We see our thoughts not as our subjective thinking but as something real, concrete, and objective. Thusly, we see ourselves as victims of this situation. This leads to stress and helplessness that we see the world ‘out there’ to be causing, and we reach for a solution ‘out there’ to ‘fix’ it.

Let’s put our thang down, flip it, and reverse it (Missy Elliott, anyone?) and see this from the inside-out reality.

The problem begins and ends with thought in the moment.

This is where the problem — the dis-ease — comes from. If we could see this in the moment, we’d know that the changes to be made aren’t ‘out there’. They’re in here, inside the movie theater of the mind.

Thought causes feelings. Feelings cause our experience. Allow the thoughts to change (sometimes easier said than done, but it usually just takes awareness and time), the feelings change, and the experience changes.

Or something like that…

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