The gift of thought

Image: Igor Kasalovic

Thought gets a bad rap sometimes.

I preach it, as do others —

We should quiet our thinking.
Insight comes from the stillness of thought.
Too much thought is what keeps us from the present moment.

As true as these statements are, I want to consider something today…

What if we didn’t have the gift of thought?

What if our experience wasn’t derived from our thought about our experience, but our experience itself (like most of the world still believes)?

We’d be powerless. At the whim of whatever was ‘happening to us’.

To many — this is reality. But it’s clearly not true.

If it was, you’d experience a ham sandwich the same exact way I do. You’d answer the phone the same way I do. You’d, well… You get the point.

The gift of thought is what gives us the power to experience this life the way we choose.

This has nothing to do with being able to control our circumstance, necessarily — we can’t keep the sun from coming up tomorrow with our thought (although we do have more power than we think to change circumstances as well, but we’ll keep that for another post).

Our experience, what goes on in the movie theatre of our minds — how we react/respond to the world — this is all that really, truly matters.

This is the ship we steer.

Our human experience — a self-created phenomena. And it’s all thanks to thought.

Thanks a lot, thought. Now, quiet down, will ya?

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