Playing to play

Image: Charlotte Coneybeer

Things shift when we can see the beauty and feel the raw excitement of being able to participate for even another instant in the human experience.

Sounds fluffy, I know. But it’s something we overlook almost all the time.

Soon enough, our time here will expire. Will we get a re-try? None of us know. All I know is that — if you’re reading this…

…you’re still playing.

Let that sink in for a sec.

How this whole thing turns out isn’t up to us. We don’t get to determine the final score ahead of time. Nor should we even try.

The point of the game of life isn’t to win. The point is to play.

This is a real, certain thing that we can embrace fully, right now.

We’re never out of play. Even when we think we are.

If we can just recognize this, I think we’d surprise ourselves with how far we can go.

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