Security doesn’t come from the blanket

Image: Brooke Cagle

Humanity has a huge underlying mistaken belief that our feelings have to do with something other than thought taking form in the moment.

Let’s take an example from the essential childhood talisman, the ‘security blanket’:

I had a yellow blanket (yes, I called it my blankie) when I was a kid that I was inseparable from. The corners of it were totally chewed to sh*t. If I went somewhere and realized I’d forgotten my blankie, I’d get really stressed out.

This was a long time ago, and although I don’t remember exactly how I felt at the time, in analyzing my far younger self, judging from my reactions to the blankie, it appears that I believed my feelings of comfort, security, and well-being were coming from that blanket.

Did you have a security blanket? Do you have kids who do? Then you know exactly what I mean.

Now we’re grown, and our security blankets are likely tucked away in our parent’s basements — if not in a landfill somewhere, like mine. We can see now that it was all a trick of the mind (albeit a nice, well-intentioned one) that the security blanket itself was causing the feelings of comfort and security. For if we were to head back to our parent’s basement and dig up the blanket, we’d see there’s no ‘security transmitter’ in it.

Our very real feeling of security was coming directly from our thoughts about the blanket — not the blankie itself.

The great thing is, immediate access to these thoughts and feelings of security, comfort, and peace are always present.

The only thing that gets in the way of our tranquility and fulfillment is contaminated thinking sponsored from the mistaken belief that we’re feeling something other than our thinking.

When our parents drive away and we realize our security blanket was left at home, we freak out — that’s mistaken thinking, and it’s no different than getting pissed off when Donald Trump sends out another Tweet.

Looking back, this is easy to see. But now, we’re grown up. We have jobs, mortgages, past accomplishments, seats on the chamber of commerce, etc — but all of this is EXACTLY the same thing. They’re our current-day security blankets. It’s all a trick of the mind.

100% of these feelings are still within us. 0% of them have anything to do with anything outside of us.

True freedom comes from realizing that they’re not the cause of our experience.

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