Why don’t you give me the answers?

Image: Marek Novotný

I get this email occasionally from readers…

Nice post, but why don’t you lay out a clear solution?

People are always looking for more answers. New, shiny answers that they can pop onto their lives like brand new hubcaps.

The internets are full of them. Everyone seems to have the answer in internetland. All kinds of them — red ones, blue ones, camo ones...

But get this...

The only useful answers are the ones that uncover the answers that already lie within.

I’m in the business of removing the erroneous noises from your head to reveal the answers that are already present. If you can get still enough and trust yourself enough, you’d find they’re there — no Google search needed.

I know that I’m being slightly hypocritical here. This post, after all, is a form of an answer, much like the rest of my daily posts. But hopefully it’s one that doesn’t add anything to the dung heap of answers piled on your Truth. Hopefully it hands you a big-ass shovel to help you clear the weeds and allow for the healthy plants to grow.

We should spend less time seeking answers and more time removing them.

There is nothing to add. Only to subtract.

Jonas Ellison is a transformational coach and writer who helps people find their Mojo using spiritual, philosophical, psychological, and practical tools. To get his short vignettes in your inbox daily, click here.

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