Thriving in the face of the human condition

Image: Ales Krivec

There’s a lot of info-courses, info-products, and info-wars going on out there that tell you (in a round-about way) that you can escape this thing we call the human condition. All we need are those perfect abs, perfect relationships, perfect government, perfect finances and whatever other form of perfect they’re selling that moment.

I’m not blaming it. It is what it is. But selling you an alternate reality where no shitty days, no shitty people, and no hard-knocks exist is a huge industry.

I’ve probably spent the GDP of a small nation-state in my lifetime buying into it. Maybe you have too. But here’s what I’ve learned from a lifetime of spelunking the depths of my own consciousness and in working with others to do the same …

We can’t escape the human condition… But we can thrive in the face of it.

‘Bad days’ will happen, no matter how many self-help books we read. We’re going to get stressed. Anxiety, fear, anger, and all the seven-deadlies are just byproducts of our slowly evolving, primitive-but-highly-sophisticated brains and the thoughts they churn out.

But all the while, a Higher part of us is waking up to see the fireworks for what they are while chuckling from some far-away back room as our egos continue to buy into the show.

This is the human condition. We’re here. For only a short while. There’s no escaping it. It’s never over, this grand drama. The sooner we can accept this, the sooner we can start living and playing in the face of it.

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