The best part about a nightmare

Image: Quin Stevenson

The best part about a nightmare is the waking-up-afterwards part. Because it’s then that you realize you don’t have to go back and fix all the crazy, horrible shit that happened to you in your dream.

Sure, it may have been as scary as hell. But there’s nothing like that big sigh of relief you take when you notice that you can just wake up... And go about your day.

Such is life. We’re not broken. I don’t believe there’s anything in us that we need to go back and ‘fix’. Yes, it happened. Yes, it molded us. But now we see it. Now we realize it’s all just ghosts from the past.

Our past horror stories are merely nightmares. Freedom comes when we realize we can just wake up, throw our bunny slippers on, and go about our lives.

The only power the nightmare has over us is the power we give it. We keep it alive and re-live it over and over again. It has no inherent reality other than the shape and form we’ve molded it into in our heads.

Bless it. Thank it. High-five it. Slap it on the ass. And get out of bed. The day’s a-wastin’.

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