May Wrap-Up

Image: Ben Bowens

Hey there Higher Thinkers,

It’s the final Friday in May — time for a quick wrap-up of the month and a sneak preview for what’s ahead…

First of all, as you’ve probably noticed, Higher Thoughts is (drumroll, please) remaining a daily blog! When I hit the one-year mark, I considered making it a weekly publication. But here’s the thing… I know myself better than that. And I know I’m the kind of person who — if I wasn’t publicly held to write every day, I likely wouldn’t write at all. Besides, I’ve finally found a groove that works. So why kill it now, right? (I hope you’re enjoying it.)

Also, you may recall, in my last letter to you, I mentioned a golf publication I kinda started and wanted to grow. Well, although my intentions were pure, I physically have no time to put towards it that would do it the justice I think it deserves. I’d honestly rather put everything I can into Higher Thoughts at this point. So I’m putting it on hold until further notice. I hope you understand. (Ahhh, thanks. Okay, I feel better.)

As for the month ahead on Higher Thoughts, I’ve really been thinking about the genre I typically dance in — personal development and spirituality. Here’s my goal (I hope I’m doing it a little already, although I plan to step my game way up in coming days) — I want to add a strong dose of hilarity, irreverence, and humanity to the spirituality section of the blogosphere. I won’t go too far into it here. Just stay tuned. I hope you enjoy what’s to come:)

Here’s May’s Top-3 most recommended posts for your enjoyment this evening/morning (depending on where you are in the world).

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As Ever,

Jonas Ellison
Reno, NV

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