Your thoughts on Higher Thoughts

Image: Wil Stewart

I’m approaching one year of daily blogging (!) here on Higher Thoughts. Writing here has altered my life’s course. And that’s not hyperbolic bullshit. I’m dead serious. Being able to connect with you here is something that’s fed my soul like steak and eggs.

I’m blown away and am in such a place of high gratitude right now. And I want to know your thoughts as I move into year two of writing here on Medium and in Higher Thoughts.

So, please do me a huge favor — highlight this article up and leave me a response — public or private (or email me here). Tell me about yourself and what you’ve enjoyed most about my writing.

Is it the randomness? The consistency? The personal development stuff? Is it the content based on writing and living a creative life? Is it just that you dig the way I string words together?

Also, if you can do it without hurting me too badly, tell me about the stuff you could live without.

I’d love to know.

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