Fearing fear only leads to more fear

Image: Joshua Earle

FDR was full of shit. If we’re afraid of fear, where does that leave us? Yep, still standing in a cesspool of fear.

I’ve often thought that, in order to get out of fear-based thinking, I need to muddle around in it for awhile. Like I need to work with the fear.

But as I sit here right now and write this to you, there’s a higher part of me who knows this is nonsense.

The only way to get beyond fear is to make that leap of faith over to love.

Fear cannot release us from fear.

Here’s the kicker, though…

Making the leap to love will never seem like the right thing to do. Because when you’re wallowed in fear — when you’re soaking in your own grief, lack, suffering, and agony — the only thing you really want to do is stay right where you are.

There’s nothing less appealing to us when we’re miserable than joy/joyful people. Just the way it is.

But when you do make that leap and you reach that other side, you’ll look back and wonder what the hell you were doing marinating in the excrement of your ego, for even a moment.

Don’t fear fear. Drop it altogether. Make that jump.

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